To the Butterfly Valley in Search for the Jersey Tiger Moth

Places to See In The Valley  The Butterfly Valley can be visited by following a walking trail 900 metres into the valley, then climbing the remaining 100 metres through a moderate rock climb. However during this trip you need to … Devamını Oku

Noel Baba Kilisesi 1

St. Nicholas Church

“The church of Santa Claus” is a church located in Demre that was built after the death of St. Nicholas. It is believed that the remains of St. Nicholas were interred here for a period before being taken to Bari … Devamını Oku

We Went To The Water and Ring The Bell: Kaş Diving Points

Just as there are some who like to sprawl on the beach sands as soon as they see the sun, there are those who prefer to immerse in the waves and discover a new world. Yes, we are talking about … Devamını Oku

Kaş – A Historic Paradise

The local population of Kaş is 7200. It has local residents and migrants from Germany, Britain, the United States, Australia and various European countries, as well as non-local residents primarily from Istanbul and Ankara. Kaş, which consists of bays located … Devamını Oku